General Checklist for Starting a New Shoplazza Store

This checklist outlines all the steps that you need to take to get started with Shoplazza. These steps will help guide you create, open, and promote your online store. You might find it helpful to print this checklist or to download it as a PDF so that you can refer to it throughout the setup process.

Before you start

Before you start setting up your Shoplazza store, it's important to understand your goals. Ask yourself basic questions about your store. For example, do you want to sell your products online? Do you want to sell your products through social media channels like Facebook? This can help you to focus your attention and speed up your setup process. You might also want to think about which pricing plan meets your needs. However, you don't need to choose a plan until the end of your 7-day free trial.

Find local experts to get advice about taxes and laws that are related to your business.

If you already have an ecommerce website, then consider migrating it to Shoplazza.

Decide which sales channels you want to use.

If you are interested in selling on platforms like Amazon, then learn about Use Shoplazza Store to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Store.

Think about which pricing plan you want to subscribe to.

Set up your online store

Before you stock your Shoplazza store with products, you need to enter some information about yourself and your store. You need to decide on some basic standards for your product listings and customer transactions. Also, you need to set up your domain to make sure that your customers can find your store online.

Log in to your store

Password protect your store

Name your store and set up your legal business name

Enter your business address and billing address

Set up your payment provider

Set up the default currency for your store

Setting up your shipping profiles

Set up your taxes

Set up your payment gateways

Staff your store if necessary

Set up your domain

Explore the Shoplazza Apps Store   to see which Apps could help you with your business

Organize your online store

The way that your store looks and the kinds of products that you're going to sell are two of the most important parts of your online store. Try a few different themes to see which one looks best, and then add some products to sell. Depending on how many products you plan to offer, adding and organizing your product listings can be the most time-consuming step of setting up a Shoplazza store. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to add your products, to organize them into collections, and to set the necessary tax and shipping information.

Make your website look great with a theme  

Customize your theme

Add your products

Organize your products into collections

Customize your menu and navigation

Add a blog post to your store

Open your online store

After you've picked a plan and tested your online store, you're ready for people to see it. You can remove your online store password, and add a chat widget to make it easy for online store visitors to ask questions.

Remove your online store store password to give customers access to your store

Add chat widget to your store, such as Facebook Messenger

Add other online sales channels

After you launch your online store, your business might benefit from adding some other online channels to your Shoplazza store. There are several online channels that you can add to your Shoplazza admin when selling online.

Sell on Facebook with Facebook Shop

Sell on TikTok with TikTok Shopping

Synchronize your online store and products to Google Merchant Center.

Promote your online store

After you launch your online store, you need to promote it. You can improve your store's visibility by adding the information that will be used by search engines and by promoting your store in all of the appropriate spaces.

Create a marketing campaign and promote your store

Use Email marketing App to send your first email marketing campaign

Improve your Store’s SEO

Customize your abandoned checkout recovery email template

Read and respond to reviews your customers send to you

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