A tax is a mandatory payment collected from your local state, government, organizations and businesses to cover the general cost of government services. You may need to charge taxes depending on what product you sell and report those taxes to the tax collecting department of where you live.

Most of the common taxes can be calculated by the Base tax profile,  under the Taxes tab in Shoplazza storefront. Please refer to Set Up Your Tax profile for a comprehensive guide on how to manage the section. You may also override standard tax calculations in order to address unique tax laws and uncommon situations.


The taxed amount of products on Shoplazza is calculated by the equation:

Tax =  tax rate * actual product price, eg: If the actual paid price is set as $1.00 with an additional tax rate at 20%, then the taxed amount is  $1.00 * 20%=$0.20. (rounding to 2 decimal points)


The actual product price refers to the standard price without promotional offers and other related discounts.

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