Use Shoplazza Store to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Store

This article will mainly introduce how Amazon merchants use Shoplazza's apps specially designed for the Amazon platform to attract traffic and promote your Amazon store, which brings more external browsing to your Amazon store.

How do I Use Shoplazza Store to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Store?

1. Select a theme. Choose a theme via Online Store > Themes > Free themes, such as Amazing-Buy on Amazon theme.


If you choose other themes (for example Theme LifeStyle), when the Add to cart and Buy now buttons are displayed on the product page, you can turn off the Add to cart and Buy now buttons via Theme customize > Theme settings > Product.


2. Add products. You can add a new product via Product > Create product. The newly created product information need to be consistent with the product information of the merchant in the Amazon store. Or merchants can use the Skuowner app to grab Amazon's products and push them to Shoplazza stores. Skuowner is a professional product crawling app. For a detailed guide, see How Do I Set Up Skuowner?



3. Divert traffic to your Amazon store. Create a diversion button on the product page, and use the Platform diversion traffic tool to divert traffic to your Amazon store. For a detailed guide, see How Do I Set Up Platform Traffic Diversion Tools?


4. Set up coupons. Synchronize the discount codes that have been created on your Amazon store to the Amazon Coupon Code app through bulk addition and single addition. The Amazon Coupon Code app can manage, display and receive Amazon discount codes. After customers enter their mailboxes in the store to receive an Amazon discount code, they can jump to the Amazon platform to use the discount code to complete the checkout process. Through the above methods, merchants can better collect customer mailboxes for further marketing campaigns. For a detailed guide, see How Do I Set Up Amazon Coupon Codes?


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