Thirdparty Risk Solution Provider

To install Fraud Preventation at SHOPLAZZA App Store

Fraud Prevention reduces chargebacks by screening and blocking potentially fraudulent orders. Depending on the set of rules you define, the App can send you a high-risk order warning or cancel the order entirely.

Fraud screening does not guarantee protection against chargebacks, and Shoplazza is not responsible for any chargebacks that occur on the platform. You are responsible for the charges associated with chargebacks.

Fraud Prevention can help protect your business in several ways.

  • Add extra protection above and beyond what the built-in fraud analysis provides.
  • Let you review potentially risky orders before capturing funds and fulfillment.
  • Restrict checkout to only certain customers.
  • Prevent certain customers from ordering.
  • Prevent customers from a particular referring site from ordering.
  • Prevent certain brands of credit cards from checking out.
  • Warn you of potentially fraudulent orders or cancel orders outright。

If a payment is made using a third-party payment provider, then that payment cannot be cancelled automatically using the the Fraud Preventation App.


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