How to place test orders through simulated transactions

To simulate a transaction on your online checkout, you can set up Shoplazza's Bogus Gateway. Bogus Gateway is a payment provider that any store can use to create test orders. While Bogus Gateway is set up, every order that you create is a test order.

To create an order, you will need to enter test payment information at checkout. You can simulate different types of transactions based on the information entered.


1. From your Shoplazza admin, go to Settings > Payments > Payment scheme

  • If you have not configured any payment method, you can directly enable the Bogus Gateway.
  • If you have configured payment methods, click View the configured payment methods to enable the Bogus Gateway.

2. Switch the mceclip0.png button to enable Bogus Gateway. 


Once activated, other activated payment channels will be disabled automatically.

3. Go to your storefront and place a test order. 

4. On the checkout page, please enter the following credit card information to simulate different payment scenarios.

Field name

Details to enter


Name on card

Enter any name 


Credit card number

Enter 4200000000000000

Simulate a successful transaction

Enter 4111111111111111 

Simulate a failed transaction

Enter any other numbers

Simulate an exception. (this generates a message indicating that an error has occurred with the provider).


Enter any 3-digit number (for example, 111.)


Expiry Date

Enter any date in the future.


5. After completing the test, go back to your Shoplazza admin, click Orders to view the transaction details of the test order.

6. Switch off the Bogus Gateway control or enable another payment channel that will automatically deactivate this gateway.


When you are disabling the Bogus gateway, you can select to restore to the last real payment channel setting.

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