How do I add my products to my store?

Merchants can edit basic information and product attributes to improve management efficiency.

1.Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Products > All products > Add product


2.Fill in the basic information according to the product information, including title, Subtitle, and Product description.

3.Fill in basic attributes according to product information, including Product status, Shipping, Taxable on the product, virtual sales, SPU, Collection, Tag, Vendor, and SEO.

  • Change the status of the product, set status as active product?
  • Is a shipping fee required? Fill in the product weight to calculate shipping fee.
  • Is the product taxable?
  • Virtual sales. After enabling virtual sales, sales displayed is equal to actual sales plus virtual sales.
  • SPU. Standard Product Unit are products with same attribute values and features.
  • Select a collection by clicking "Select collections", the collection selection window pops up - you can search, create and choose a collection.
  • Tag. Enter the tag and confirm. Click "Save" to make it easier for future use.
  • Vendor. Enter the vendor name/URL. You can manually enter and click "Save", which makes it easier for future use.
  • SEO (click to view SEO details): Click "Edit website SEO", fill in the homepage title, SEO description, SEO links, and SEO keywords. You can click "View" to see the display effect after you save your edits.


4.Click “Next” to set up the media and variant.

  • The first image added will be the main image for the product and will be located on the interface's homepage.
  • Click preview to view the original image.
  • Write a short description for the image to improve the website's search optimization and make the shopping experience better for visually impaired customers.
  • Click Delete to delete the image.
  • Change the order of images by dragging the images into the desired order.


5.Setting up variants.

  • Select a single variant; you can also empty all variants.
  • Add multiple variants and choose whether an image is required.
  • Track inventory - the number of products in stock will automatically change when customers buy and return products. You can set it as “Continue selling when out of stock”.
  • Fill in Size, Color, Price, Comparison price, and Weight for the product (be accurate).
  • Inventory: After setting up inventory tracking, the number of inventory products will automatically change when customers buy and return goods.
  • SKU. Fill in the SKU according to product attributes.
  • Bar code, fill in according to actual product barcode.
  • Optional invariant details are available for bulk actions.
  • You can set different prices for different variants.


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