How Do I Connect Existing Domains?

To connect your store to an existing domain, you'll need to visit your domain provider to resolve the domain. Then, verify the resolved domain on Shoplazza. Your store will be connected to the domain once verification is complete.


1. Start here: Shoplazza admin > Settings > Domains

2. Click on Connect existing domain.

3. Enter registered domain, then click Next to continue.

4. Click on the domain registration providers, and it'll take you to the domain provider’s website to resolve the domain (see how do I resolve a domain).

5. After the domain has been resolved, return to Shoplazza admin and click Verification. Your store will connect to that existing domain if the verification is successful.


The DNS value change would take 10 minutes or longer. The switchover time varies based on the DNS server location of the DNS service provider. If your initial verification fails, kindly try again later.


  • Unsupported domains: .xyz .fun
  • The DNS value change will take 10 minutes or longer. If your initial verification fails, please wait a bit before trying again.
  • The procedure is the same as above if you only need to connect a secondary domain, unless record type "A" doesn't need to be configured or modified.
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