Products cards

Product related sections include Single product, Feature collection, Collection list, Product switch, Product display, and illustration feature. Different themes contain different product related sections. The following is an introduction to various product related sections: • Single product: Used to display a single product on the page to increase the exposure of this product, and it is mostly used to display new products, popular sales, discounts and other products. • Feature collection: used to display a certain number of products in the collection, and support custom adjustments to the number of rows, quantities, and related styles of the products displayed in the collection. • Collection list: A broad category of collections used to display products. Customers can jump directly into the collection details through the collection list on the homepage, and support the settings of the collection numbers to be displayed. • Product switch: used to display some products under the collection, and support users to switch to view products directly on the page. You can adjust the number of products displayed and the related styles of sections. • Product display: used to display the features of the products in the collection, and support the custom settings of the quantity and style. • Illustration feature: Used to display a collection on the page to increase exposure. It can explain collections with text, support custom settings of button styles and links.

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