Shipping Setup

The cost of delivery is an important factor in deciding your profit margin. It also impacts the customer’s willingness to make a purchase. Before you take your first order, you need to decide what shipping strategy you want to use and how your customers can choose a shipping method.

Shipping Profile

To set up shipping in Shoplazza, you first create shipping profiles. You can use the default general shipping profile for all your products or create custom shipping profiles for particular products.

General shipping profile

All your existing and new products are subject to the shipping rules under the general shipping profile.

Custom shipping profile

If you sell a few fragile products and need more expensive shipping options, you can create a shipping profile for these fragile products and charge different shipping rates.

Shipping zone

A shipping zone is a group of countries or regions with the same shipping rates. Customers can only place orders from your store if they live in a country or region that is part of one of your shipping zones.

Shipping rate

When determining your shipping rates, you need to evaluate your business goal, the product you are selling, and the industry you are in. If you’re starting your business and want to be competitive with your pricing, you can consider covering this shipping cost out of your profits. But if your goal is to get a higher profit margin, you can bump up the shipping prices to compensate.

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