Shipping rates

Shipping rates are what you charge your customers in addition to the cost of the products that they order. The cost of any shipping rates is added to a customer's order at checkout.

You can choose a variety of shipping rates and methods to appear as options for your customers, or keep it simple and provide a single option.

When you create shipping rates, you can also specify any restrictions or rules around which shipping methods are available based on the contents of the customer's cart.

Shipping type

General shipping rates

General shipping rates are specific shipping amounts that you charge a customer based on their order.

For example, if you want to charge $5 for shipping each time a customer places an order, then you would set up a $5 General shipping rate.

The benefit of General shipping rates is that you have control over precisely what a customer is charged at checkout.

General rates

General rates provide a General rate shipping cost regardless of what is in the cart.

For example, if you want customers to be able to choose between regular shipping costs of $5 and expedited shipping costs of $15, then you would set up two general General rates, one for each option.

These two rates then appear as options in your checkout for any customer's order.

Priced-based rates

Priced-based rates let you set minimum and maximum cart values for your General shipping rates. See Set order price as shipping rate condition 

Weight-based rates

Weight-based rates let you set minimum and maximum cart total weights for your General shipping rates. See Set order weight as shipping rate condition.

Quantity-based rates

Quantity-based rates let you set minimum and maximum cart total quantity for your General shipping rates. See Set order quantity as shipping rate condition.

Free shipping rates

Any General shipping rate can be made into a free shipping rate by setting the shipping cost to $0. For example, if you want to offer free shipping on all orders, then you can create a general General shipping rate with a cost of $0.

Instead, if you wanted to offer free shipping on orders over $100, then set up a priced-based General rate of $0 for orders over $100.

Customer experience choosing shipping rates

The shipping settings that you use affect what your customers see at checkout.

After you've set up your shipping rates, you can place a test order using your own checkout to see what options your customers have and make sure that your rates are appearing correctly.

As soon as your customers reach checkout and enter a shipping address, their shipping methods are displayed. Although you can create many shipping options, each customer is shown only those applicable to their order. The cheapest option is shown as the default.


  • Your customers won't see their shipping methods until they enter a delivery address.
  • If your customer leaves the checkout page to change the contents of their order, then their shipping rates might change. Since most shipping rates are calculated based on an order's weight, any significant changes to its contents can make the original shipping rate inaccurate. When your customer returns to the checkout process after changing their order, they're redirected back to the same step of the checkout process. They won't receive the new, recalculated shipping rate until they're ready to complete their purchase.
  • Customers who enter a shipping address in a region that isn't included in your shipping zones receive a notice that there is no shipping rate available for their region.
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