Create a custom shipping profile

If the general shipping profile you created isn't enough for your business and you want to have different shipping rates for different products, then you can create custom shipping profiles.

For example, if you sell a few products that are fragile (like glassware) and need more premium shipping options, then you can create a shipping profile for these fragile products and charge different shipping rates than the rest of your products.


Custom shipping profile

1. From your Shoplazza Admin, go to Settings > Shipping > Under Manage shipping rates at the top column, click Create custom profile in the Custom shipping section.

2. Create a name based on your preference under the Profile name section and click on Create shipping zone to complete your shipping profile setup:

Shipping product

1. Under the Shipping product section, click Select products to include a list of products for this custom profile. You may add products individually by product or click on by collection to add from an existing collection.

2. Click Confirm when you are finished.

Shipping zones

1. Click on Create a shipping zone to:

  • Create a preferred name for this shipping profile.
  • Sort and select from the listed countries or regions.
  • If you require COD (Cash on Delivery) you can select them here.
  • Click Confirm to save your shipment settings.

Shipping rates

  • Click Add rate to implement different shipping rates for your selected list of destinations.


You may need to consult with a carrier or dropshipping supplier of service in regards to shipment rates before completing this segment.

  • Create a preferred name for this shipping rate or you may select a name from the dropdown menu of history.


You can assign existing rates to a Shipping zone by Copy rate.

  • Manage the description section to provide more information. For example, you may state certain shipping policies or other matters related to this shipment rate that is worthy of mentioning.


Adding a short description that essentially clarifies and helps your customers understand how the shipment is prepared and calculated is important. It is always recommended to use this section as your place to make clarifications in terms of how shipping rates are calculated and applied. The text body of your description should be no more than 200 characters.

2. Under Add conditions, you are able to select different options such as weight or price-based conditions or product quantity.

3. From the Manage shipping rates section, select Fixed shipping rate to enter a fixed price for this shipment method or First weight + Additional weight to set additional parameters for standard weight charge and additional weight charge.

4. Click Add to see this rate under Shipping zone.

5. Save on the main page to save your settings.


When a customer places an order, and items are from different shipping profiles, the total shipping rate is calculated by: 

  • The shipping rate of the profile where item A is located + Shipping rate of the profile where item B is located = total shipping rate.

The system uses the lowest rate to calculate the shipping cost within a profile if an item is priced to be eligible with multiple shipping rates:

  • The lowest shipping rate within the profile where item A is located + The lowest shipping rate within the profile where item B is located = total shipping rate.

Created shipping rates can be assigned to other shipping profiles.

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