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What is dropshipping?

How do I start dropshipping?

What should I sell?


What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is selling products online without keeping inventory. You set the price for the products listed in your online store. When orders come in, you pay a lower price for the products from your dropshipping supplier, and the products are sent to your customers directly by your supplier.
There are 4 steps to dropshipping:

1. Customers place orders on your web store.

2. Your orders are synced to your dropshipping suppliers.

3. Your suppliers prepare orders according to the instructions of your customers or yourself.

4. Your suppliers send products to your customers directly.

The best part? You're not responsible for logistics and only pay for what you sell.


How do I start dropshipping?

With Shoplazza, you can start dropshipping by completing these 4 steps:

1. Find products to sell and import them to your store using dropshipping tools like Skuowner.

2. Set up your shipping options, or confirm the default shipping profile.

3. Link your credit/debit card to pay for orders.

4. Set up payment options for your customers.



What should I sell?

Books have been written on this topic, but you can start dropshipping with these 3 rules:

1. Price your item with your profit margin in mind

Think about your product and shipping cost, would it still make sense to sell whatever it is you're planning on selling? You may find that selling a few expensive items per month is more profitable than selling hundreds of keychains.

2. Find niche products likely to result in repeat sales

Look for quality products in a space that you're familiar with. Specialized products tend to have dedicated followings that can turn into repeat customers. The best part is you won't have as much competition from established brands.

3. Pick products that will justify long shipping times (and survive the journey)

Shipping can take two weeks or more since your products are likely being sent by overseas suppliers. Whatever you're selling should make the wait worthwhile for your customers, and be tough enough to arrive in good condition.

Once you're ready to start, you can use Skuowner or CJdropshipping to find products for dropshipping.

1. See details on dropshipping using Skuowner.

2. See details on dropshipping using CJdropshipping.

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