The app supports importing products from 1688 or AliExpress to your store, and supports purchasing and shipping orders for products from the store, allowing you to easily sell online without having to manage logistics and warehousing.

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Install the app and bind the store

Install the app

1. Go to the app details page

2. Click the 「Add」 button to start installing the App

Bind the store

1. Sign up or log in to the app

Click「Create new CJ account」 to sign up a new CJDropshipping account to bind the store, or click the「Log in with CJ account」button to log in to the existing CJDropshipping account to bind the store


2. Bind the store

After successful registration or login, if you see the description below, it means that the store has been binded successfully


Use the App

1. Use CJDropshipping to choose products

a. Go to the CJDropshipping homepage and find the product you want


b. Synchronize the selected products to your store

Click the product details page, click the 「List」 button to start syncing the products


Select the target store, price all the products, and then click 「List it now」to sync the selected products to the store


After the synchronization of the products is successful, you can see those products in the store, as shown below


2. Start selling in the store

After the product is synchronized, the product will be automatically put on the store shelves, and customers can purchase this product directly from your store, as shown below:


3. Use CJDropshipping for order fulfillment

a. Sync store orders to CJDropshipping

When the customer places an order, go to the CJDropshipping admin: Go to Orders -> Imported Orders,click the「Sync Store Orders」button to synchronize the order, and after selecting the order synchronization conditions, click theSync Now」button to start synchronizing the order, as shown below:


b. View the Synced Orders

After synchronization, you can view the synchronized orders. These orders are placed by customers in the Shoplazza store. Each order has a recipient address, as shown below:


c. Bulk Purchase Orders

Select all orders, click the「Add to Cart」button in the lower right corner, add all orders to CJDropshipping's shopping cart, and prepare to create a purchase order


d. Go to Cart -> Dropship Orders,ubmit a purchase order, as shown below:

Submit a Purchase Order:


Confirm Purchase Order:


To pay the purchase order:


e. After the order is submitted and paid, CJDropshipping will automatically deliver the goods to your customers

After delivery, CJDropshipping will synchronize the logistics information back to your store, and both you and your customers can see the logistics track of order.

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