Setting Up Your PayPal Account in SHOPLAZZA Admin

SHOPLAZZA supports setting up PayPal as the payment channel. PayPal has three different types of accounts, Personal Account, Premier Account and Business Account

Type of Account

Usage of Account



Personal Account

Suitable for customers, small transactions for personal use or personal merchandise transactions

Ideal for personal shopping and online payments, or want to send or receive personal payments for cost-sharing, such as sharing meals or rentals. Also for part-time sellers or non-business users who want to receive and shop online


Business Account

Suitable for merchants, easy account management

For businesses operating under the name of a company/group. This type of account offers additional features such as allowing limited access to your account to up to 200 employees and allowing customer questions to be forwarded using a customer service email alias, allowing them to be dealt with faster


Please note that currently, only mainland China support linking personal accounts as payment methods. If your PayPal account is not an account in mainland China, please bind a business account as a payment account.

Before linking with PayPal, please make sure that you have bound a credit or debit card to your account, otherwise you cannot activate the payment channel for receiving payments. For detailed linking methods, please refer to Plans and Payment Methods.

Set PayPal as the payment method path via SHOPLAZZA admin > Settings > Payment channels > PayPal.

You can go to Authorize and link your PayPal account via keys or One click to authorize and link your PayPal Account to view the detailed link instructions.

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