Size Chart Guide | Multi-Unit Conversion and Multi-Country Size Conversion

Understanding the diversity of your customer base is the key in providing a seamless shopping experience. Customers from different regions often have varying preferences for units of measurement and size charts. To cater to this diversity, implementing multi-unit and multi-country size conversions on your size charts is an effective solution. This guide walks you through the steps to set up these conversions in your Shoplazza store, ensuring your products meet the needs of a global audience.

Accessing the Size Chart

  • Start the process: From your Shoplazza admin, click on Apps. Search for the Size chart guide app among your installed apps and click to open it. If the app is not yet installed, please refer to the "Size Chart Guide." for installation guidance.

Editing or creating a New Size Chart

1. Edit or create a Size Chart: Within the app, you have the flexibility to edit an existing size chart or start a new one by selecting Create Size Guide.

Multi-Unit Conversion

1. Enable Multi-Unit Conversion: On the settings page, add a table style and activate the multi-unit conversion button located below the table.

2. Configure Conversion Settings: Specify primary and secondary units—like feet and centimeters—which the system will convert automatically.

3. Customer View: On the customer side, the display will showcase the multi-unit conversion as demonstrated.


Once the multi-unit conversion option is activated, simply input data into your default unit. The system will then auto-adjust these values to the selected unit, applicable solely to numerical data within cells.

Multi-country size conversions

1. Enable Multi-Country Size Conversion: Begin by turning on the multi-country size conversion feature

2. Select Countries: Choose the relevant countries to display the correct size guides, such as UK and US sizes.

3. Confirm Your Settings: Click Save to apply your changes.

4. Customer View: The customer-facing view will exhibit the multi-country size conversion as illustrated.

By following this guide, your Shoplazza store will become more adaptable and welcoming to the diverse preferences of your global customer base. The introduction of multi-unit and multi-country size conversions not only streamlines the shopping process but also reflects your commitment to catering to an international audience. This enhancement can significantly improve customer satisfaction and broaden your market presence.

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