Building Public App

Shoplazza Partner Center supports partners to build public app that serve most merchants and earn revenue from them.

Concept of public app

Shoplazza opens up the building of public app for partners to extend the functionality of Shoplazza stores and meet the differentiated and diverse business needs of Shoplazza merchants worldwide.


Public app can provide services to merchants by:

  • Adding functionality to Store Admin for merchants to improve management efficiency.
  • Providing merchants with more ways to interact with customers in Store Front to drive purchase conversions.

Create public app

Shoplazza requires public app to complete OAuth 2.0 authentication before they can use Shoplazza Open API resources. Therefore, during the app development phase, you need to create a public app by going to Partner Center ->Apps->Create App portal to get the Client ID and Client Secret for authentication.

To create a public app you need to fill in the following information:

  • App Name - App Name will be displayed in the list of installed apps in Store Admin to help merchants/testers identify your app.

Testing public app

After completing the app development, you need to test to ensure the usability and stability of the app before submitting it to the App Store for review. The steps for partners to test the app are as follows:

  • Before you test your app, you need to fill in Redirect URL in App setup and click Run validate to unlock Testing.
  • If you have no available development store, go to Creating development stores to create  development store.
  • If you have a development store, go to Partner Center > Apps > Apps List > Manage Apps > Test Apps  with the above Shoplazza account, select store to install the app and jump to the authorized installation page of the store for testing.

Submit public app for review

Shoplazza provides a lightweight review mechanism for partners, requiring full manual review only when the app is first launched. After the app has been approved for the first time and is available on the App Store , no full manual review is required for subsequent feature updates. This lightweight review mechanism helps reduce partner wait times and ensures that merchant needs are met quickly in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Go to:Partner Center > Apps > Apps List > Manage Apps > Submit to submit your App for review. Before you submit your app, make sure all required fields are filled in in the App setup and App listings, then click Run validate to unlock Publish. Only then can you submit your app.

App Review Process

Once a public app has been submitted for review, the app enters a new phase and the app status changes, which means that partners need to respond differently.Please refer to the Public App Lifecycle for more details.

App Review Rules

App Review Rules will serve as Shoplazza Review Team's rules for determining whether an app can be published and whether it will be unpublished by Shoplazza Review Team. The specific rules are as follows:

  • Merchants install apps without OAuth app authorization process
  • Merchants install the app, the direct error, hindering the merchant installation process of the app
  • When the app is installed, the permission applied for is more than the actual permission required by the app
  • Apps that have fatal errors when merchants enter or use the app, resulting in the inability to serve properly
  • Apps with titles and descriptions that are too simple or incomplete
  • Apps that contain Shoplazza competition characters within the app or URL
  • Apps that do not use the Shoplazza Open API
  • Apps that do not use the Shoplazza Open API properly
  • The same developer has many apps with duplicate functionality
  • The app provides the app marketplace or other marketplaces
  • The app provides merchant data to other third parties
  • Apps that require additional plug-ins to function properly, such as browser plug-ins
  • The app is unstable
  • The performance of the app is very poor
  • The app poses a security risk to Shoplazza or the merchant
  • The app violates the data privacy of the merchant or customer
  • The app does not respond to urgent requests from merchants within 30 days
  • App listings have inappropriate content and merchant data
  • Any translated listings that you create for languages that your app doesn't support.

If the above problems are found during the app shelf review, the app shelf will be rejected and the developer will receive a rejection email with a description of the reasons for rejection, and the developer can submit the app shelf again after fixing the reasons for rejection.

Unpublish public app

There are two scenarios that your app may unpublish:

Shoplazza Review Team regularly cleans up and unpublish apps

The Shoplazza audit team will periodically review apps and if they are found to be non-compliant, they will be unpublish  to ensure that the app ecosystem is healthy and sustainable.

After the app is unpublished, partners will receive an email notification from Shoplazza Review Team that the app has been unpublished, and partners have the right to decide whether to make corrections and resubmit the app.

Partners can unpublish their own apps

Shoplazza provides partners with the ability to unpublish public app by themselves.The entrance is:Partner Center > Apps > App List > Manage Apps > Unpublish Apps.

After the app is taken down, merchants will not be able to install your app from the App Store . Merchants who have already installed the app are not affected.

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