Setting up customized product title optimization for Google Ads

Optimizing your product titles for Google Shopping Ads is a strategic way to boost visibility and performance. When people search on Google, Shopping Ads present them with key details like images, titles, prices, and more. The product title is a critical piece of this puzzle, offering a snapshot of what you're selling and enticing potential customers to learn more.

Effective title optimization involves weaving in relevant keywords and phrases that accurately describe your product. This approach enhances the chances of your ads reaching interested shoppers, potentially leading to more clicks and increased sales


Before diving into product title optimization, it's important to complete a product precheck. Follow these steps to ensure your products are ready for optimization.

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Marketing > Google, switch to the Function tab, and under Campaign Creation, click on Shopping Campaign.

2. From Products > Title Optimization, click on the Edit button in the Customized title optimization.

3. Select Specific collections or Specific products to add products. If you choose the specific products, all the variants under the product will be added as well.

4. Here you can select products and modify the title and variant title separately.

  • For variant title optimization, you can modify the title and variant attributes, and the modified title will be reused for other variants under the same product.
  • For product title optimization, modifying product attributes are not supported.

5. Once titles are optimized, click Upload. The updated titles will be re-uploaded to GMC and displayed under Promo ad title.

6. In Promo title settings, choose a title for ad promotion. Options include the customized product title or the SEO title, with the former being the default selection.

Shopping Ads title optimization is a key component in enhancing your Google Ads campaigns. By focusing on this area, you stand to increase the visibility of your product listings, which can lead to more sales and revenue. It's a straightforward yet effective element in your digital marketing toolkit.

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