How Do I Set Up Google Forms?

Google forms can be embedded onto your shoplazza interface by using this add-on.  Utilize the feature to establish a feedback management and conduct surveys to strategize for future marketing.

1. From your Shoplazza Admin, go to > Apps > Click Visit App Store on the top right > Type "Google forms" in the search bar and press enter/click the magnifier icon to search > Click Add to download.

2. Proceed to the agreement page and click Install App.

3. Manually switch to enable to activate.

4. Manage/fill-in all necessary information under each section on the page.

  • Proceed to Google form and complete the following instructions:

5. Log-in to access Google forms by clicking the re-directory link on the bottom of the page where it says "Log in to Google forms Google form"

6. Create a new form and click Send on top right when you complete.

7. Under the Embed icon tab, press Ctrl+C to copy the embed HTML

8. Refer back to your Shoplazza admin, paste the copied HTML under Code

9. Click Save on top right to complete

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