DNS resolution

How does DNS resolve a domain name?

Resolving a domain refers to the process of translating and converting your website domain name to numerical IP addresses of a web server, so that your domain address can be kept track of on the internet. Machines can't comprehend addresses the way we are able to, and that is why you need DNS to work in the background and conduct searches to pinpoint webpages of your store when a visitor needs to make a connection.

Seeking assistance from DNS hosting providers

You may need additional help to troubleshoot DNS from your hosting services. The most important part of validating your DNS on Shoplazza is to ensure:

  1. Pointing A record to Shoplazza IP address:
  2. Pointing DNS CNAME record to name.shoplazza.store

We listed several common hosting services and external resources you can find as references to diagnose DNS-related issues:


If you have a domain on Godaddy.com please click here to see a complete tutorial.

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