Checkout Page

Under the theme customization, some elements of the checkout page can be set up to realize different styles. The following content can be customized: Banner:checkout banner image setting is supported. Logo:checkout logo size and position settings are supported. Payment information background:set up the background image of the payment information page, support settings of the background color and the color of the input field. Order summary background: Support settings of the order summary background image and color. Order details area: set up the order details area image, and support the settings of image link. Font: Support to set up the heading, text, and button font. Color setting: support to set up the color of the button background, button text, error message, and focus message on the checkout page. Payment icon: Support to enable the payment icon at the bottom of the checkout page. Footer menu:set up the footer menu, support settings of payment buttons, menu location, menu text, and menu links.

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