Setting up Product Reviews as Featured and Verified

Highlighting customer reviews on your Shoplazza store can significantly enhance customer trust in your products. By carefully selecting and showcasing specific reviews on your product pages, you can influence customer perception positively. This process involves two key types of reviews: featured and verified. Featured reviews are those you choose to prominently display, while verified reviews are those confirmed as genuine, adding an extra layer of trustworthiness. This guide provides a straightforward walk-through on setting up these impactful reviews.


To ensure that your featured or verified reviews are visible on your store, you must have the product reviews section added to your product page. For detailed instructions on adding this section, click here.


1. Head over to your Shoplazza admin > Products > Reviews > All reviews.

2. Select Review Type: Next, click on More Options and choose either Featured or Verified for the review type you wish to set up..

3. Bulk Actions for Reviews: You have the option to set multiple product reviews as featured or verified simultaneously through bulk actions.

4. Review Placement and Verification: Once set up, featured reviews will appear at the top of the product reviews page. Verified reviews will be marked with a 'verified purchase' label, offering additional credibility.


While setting up verified reviews, it’s important to maintain authenticity. Creating reviews that seem unrealistic or inconsistent with your store's sales and traffic can potentially raise concerns about their genuineness. Aim for a balance that reflects your store's actual customer experiences, as this will uphold the integrity of your reviews and maintain customer trust.

Leveraging featured and verified reviews on your product pages is an effective strategy to build trust and credibility for your store and products. It provides prospective customers with valuable insights from actual users, offering an honest evaluation of your product's quality. By following these steps, you can enhance your store's appeal and encourage more customer engagement and sales.

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