Once you become a member of the Shoplazza Affiliate Program, you can generate several sub-referral links and assign them to your distribution team. By adding UTM parameters to each sub-referral link, Shoplazza enables you to identify the distributor who owns the link and the promotional channels on which it is delivered. This makes it easy to monitor the effectiveness of your distributors and promotion channels by distributing the referral link.

Benefits of Joining the Advanced Affiliate Program

Multi-tiered rebate structure: Shoplazza's advanced affiliate program allows businesses to set up a multi-tiered rebate structure, which means affiliates can earn rebates not only on their own sales but also on the sales of affiliates they refer to the program. This creates a powerful incentive for affiliates to recruit other affiliates and drive more sales.
Customizable referral links: With Shoplazza's affiliate program, businesses can create custom referral links for their affiliates that include UTM parameters to track clicks and conversions. This makes it easy to see which affiliates are driving the most traffic and sales and optimize the program accordingly.

How to Configure UTM Parameters?

Shoplazza provides you with the most common types of UTM parameters on the market. When you set UTM parameter values for the referral link, you can refer to the following usage:

UTM Parameter Type Parameter Description Suggested Use in Affiliate Distribution Example of Use
utm_campaign Campaign name Identify your distribution campaign plan


This invite link is served in a XXX event

utm_source Campaign source Identifies the promotion channel of the referral link


The promotion channel of this referral link is Facebook


The promotion channel of this referral link is YouTube

utm_medium Campaign medium Identifies the type of promotion medium


This referral link is presented as a QR code


This referral link is presented as a shortlink

utm_content Campaign content Identifies the referral content of the referral link


This referral link is directly recommended in the 11th WeChat group utm_content=storebuildingarticles

The referral content of this referral link is a website building article

utm_terms Campaign keywords Identifies the distributor to whom the referral link belongs


The holder of the referral link is the distributor Simon


The holder of the referral link is the distributor Archer

How to track distribution effectiveness?

By using the UTM referral link, you can track a visitor's activity on your website, including their registration and paid conversion through the link. This allows you to identify which distributor and promotion channel was responsible for the conversion and view the data on the overview dashboard in the Partner Center.
Shoplazza offers an intuitive pie chart analysis that shows the contribution ratio of different promotion channels and distributors. This feature is convenient for fine-tuning your affiliate program and maximizing its effectiveness.

Overall, the Shoplazza advanced affiliate program is a powerful tool for businesses that want to leverage the power of referral marketing to drive more sales and grow their online store. With its range of features and dedicated support, the Shoplazza affiliate program makes it easy for businesses to manage their affiliate program and maximize their results.

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