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1. Apply to join the Affiliate Program

Due to the high volume of submissions, the review team will review your application within 15 working days of your submission. At that time, you can go to the Affiliate Partner Program in Partner Center to check the application result.

2. Promote with a referral link

When your submitted application is approved and officially become a Shoplazza affiliate partner, the system will issue you an exclusive invitation link. You can view the distribution and customer acquisition of the invitation link and view the estimated distribution revenue through the data dashboard.

3. Accounting for distribution income

The rebate agreement that Shoplazza sets for you during the review process determines your distribution income accounting method. Due to the different comprehensive qualifications of each individual/organization, the rebate agreement provided by Shoplazza is differentiated.
At this stage, the rebate agreement signed by Shoplazza and you adopt the CPS billing model, that is, the rebate will only be calculated for you after the audience completes the paid subscription conversion at Shoplazza through your invitation link.

Here are 4 key pieces of information you need to know.

  • referrals. Your audience must complete their Shoplazza account registration within 90 days of accessing the referral link for the first time before we determine that they meet the definition of referrals. When the referrals pay the subscription fee, the system will calculate the rebate for you.
  • referrals Discount. referrals who have registered a Shoplazza account will enjoy a 30-day account discount. During the validity period of the discount, any store created under the referrals' account can use the 15% discount to subscribe to the first plan.
  • Store rebate period. This period determines how long Shoplazza needs to share with you the subscription fee income obtained under the store, which will be reflected in the rebate agreement signed with you.
  • Settlement cycle. This cycle is used to determine the time point when Shoplazza settles the income for you. There are usually four cycle types, which are monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and one-year, which will be reflected in the rebate agreement signed with you.

4. Get distribution benefits

After the liquidation cycle is over, Shoplazza generates the rebate receivables for that cycle for you. You can view the accounts receivable at Payments in the  Partner Center. After the withdrawal waiting period is over, you can initiate a withdrawal with the accounts receivable at the above entrance. Platform Finance will start accepting your withdrawal application on the 25th of every month and complete the online transfer for you.

Here are 3 key pieces of information you need to know.

  • Withdrawal waiting period. We require partners to initiate a withdrawal after the actual generated accounts receivable has reached 180 days. After you initiate a withdrawal, the platform finance will revise the final withdrawal amount based on the refund of subscription fees in the past 180 days and issue it to you.
  • Receiving Account. You need to set up a PayPal receiving account of the email type to receive remittances from Platform Finance.
  • Tax. If the nationality of your PayPal receiving account belongs to mainland China, the platform finance will deduct 6% tax from the payment issued to you.


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