Setting up the Multilingual Settings app

Equipping your online store with multilingual options is a significant step towards inclusivity and wider audience reach. This guide provides straightforward instructions for configuring multiple languages in your Shoplazza store using our Multilingual settings app  , helping you to connect with customers across diverse linguistic backgrounds and enhance their shopping experience.


1. Navigate to the Shoplazza app store:

  • Head over to your Shoplazza Admin > Apps and click on Visit App Store.

  • Search for 'multilingual settings' in the search bar.

  • Click on Install app.

2. Enable the Multilingual plugin: Locate the Extension setting section and click on the Enable button to activate the multilingual plugin.

3. Auto-Switch to browser's default language: Within the same section, find the option for 'Auto-switch to browser default language'. Toggle this to Enable to have the store language automatically match the visitor's browser language. If the visitor's browser language isn't available, the store will display its default language.

4. Add and manage languages: Click on the Add Language button to introduce the languages you want to support on your store. You'll be presented with a menu to select the desired languages from a comprehensive list of options.

5. Customize language selector style: In the Style settings, choose the Button text style and decide on the Display position for the language selection button. This ensures the switch is easy to find and use, and blends seamlessly with your store's design. Once all settings are to your preference, click Save to finalize the changes.

6. The screenshot below shows a Shoplazza page with the language dropdown, illustrating how users can switch between languages on your store.

Implementing these multilingual options not only broadens your market but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing a personalized shopping experience. 

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