How Do I Set Up Creating Google Ads Account

1.Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Marketing > Google > Create Google Ads account

2.Business verification is required.

  • Enter Business Info
  • Submit for verification
  • Await approval

3.After your business info has been verified, you’ll be able to click on the button to create your account.

  • Then, you can apply for a Google Ads account.
  • Wait for your account to be approved

4.After your account is activated successfully, click Accept invitation and accept the account invitation in your mailbox.

5.This is what a successfully created Google Ads account looks like!

  • Top up your advertising budget
  • Note: only one ad account per store.

6.Top up

  • Refunds are not supported once your account has been topped up.

  • Your total to launch Ads includes a 1% transaction fee, 6% VAT plus a 3% digital service tax and operating fee.
  • WeChat Pay and Alipay are supported.
  • Top up amounts in USD will be automatically converted into RMB.
  • The minimum top up amount is $500.


7.Make a transfer


📘 Note:
  • Will our foreign exchange quota be affected to top up our advertising budget?

SHOPLAZZA works with payment companies to allow merchants to top up their accounts in RMB. Your foreign exchange quotas as merchants, companies, or individuals will not be affected. The SHOPLAZZA payment system supports large advertising budgets.

  • Does the additional 10% promotional offer apply to all account top-ups?

This promo provides an extra 10% off for all account top-ups during the promo period, so long as you’re topping up a Google Ad account opened on SHOPLAZZA during the promotional period.

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