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Product precheck refers to the process of checking product data feeds to ensure that they meet Google's guidelines for advertising on Google Shopping ads. Shoplazza's product precheck feature checks for various issues that could prevent products from being approved for advertising on Google Shopping, such as missing or incorrect descriptions, disallowed products or categories, or violating policies related to pricing, shipping, or tax information.

Product precheck also provides recommendations on how to optimize your product data to improve performance in Google Shopping. These recommendations may include adding more detailed product descriptions, optimizing product titles and images, or adding additional attributes that can help improve the product's visibility and relevance in search results.


1. From your Shoplazza admin > Marketing > Google > switch to the Function tab, and under Campaign Creation, click on Shopping Campaign.

2. On the GMC settings page, click Products > Products Precheck and Click Start precheck.

3. Here you will select the product(s) you want to advertise. You have the option to select Self-select or The first variant. Products can be searched by Title, SPU, and SKU. Click Next after selecting products.


  • Batch search is supported by entering multiple values, and multiple values are separated by a comma (',').
  • Advertising costs can be reduced by choosing only to sync the first variant.

4. Click on Start precheck.

5. On the bottom of the page, you will be able to see the result of PreCheck. It will show either Precheck passed or Precheck unsuccessful. Click to Complete attributes.

6. If your product attributes are missing, you can improve the missing attributes by selecting the products individually or in bulk. After selecting, click Edit product attributes.

7. Following are the product attributes that you can edit.

Google product category Standard Google product category serves as a product type guide and improves search results of your products.
Gender Specify the gender that your product is intended for. If you provide this information, prospects can narrow their search by precisely filtering products by gender.
Age group Set the audience for which the product is intended. Using this attribute, your ads can appear in age-filtered results.
Condition Explain to users how the products sold are being used. Google uses this value to refine search results.
Product type Add your custom product categories to product feeds. It may help improve Google Shopping Ads pricing strategies and reporting efficiency.
Adult content If your products contain elements including nudity, sexual implications, or other adult content. Please choose the Adult attribute to indicate that these products only intend to sell to adults. You must identify and label the products if you intend to sell to non-limited audience groups. It will help display appropriate content to online shoppers.
Identifier exists Use the identifier_exists attribute to indicate that unique product identifiers (UPIs) aren’t available for your product. Unique product identifiers are submitted using the gtin, mpn, and brand attributes.
Brand Indicate the brand name of the product. Branding is used to help identify your products and is displayed to users.
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) An MPN is used to uniquely identify a specific product among all products made by the same manufacturer. Shoppers may search for MPNs directly, so providing an MPN helps ensure that your products appear in relevant contexts. Shoppers might search specifically for an MPN, so providing the MPN can help ensure that your product is shown in relevant situations.
GTIN Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) uniquely identify your product. This specific number helps us make your ad or unpaid listing richer and easier for your customers to find. Products submitted without any unique product identifiers are difficult to classify and may not be eligible for all shopping programs or features.
Color It helps you create filtering conditions for accurate search results. If your product consists of different variants with different colors and styles, you can use this attribute to group your products.
Size Let your users know about the standardized size of your product. When you submit this attribute, your product can appear in results that are filtered by size. The size you submit will also affect how your product variants are shown.
Shipping label Use shipping labels to group products for accurately calculating shipping costs from GMC. Shoppers won't see shipping label groups.
Shipping weight Add the package weight to calculate the shipping cost. Use package weight attribute if applying standard rate plans by shipping carriers.
Custom label You can use custom tags to create specific filters that you can use in Shopping campaigns. These filters can be used to generate reports and bids for product groups. The filtering conditions may help improve reporting efficiency and pricing strategies without displaying them to shoppers. E.g., You can create labels like Seasonal, Sale, and Sold Out Rate.
More Product Attrs Under More product attributes, you can edit material, images, and unit pricing measures.


You can select ''Yes'' under Identifier exists and leave GTIN empty if you're getting missing identifiers [GTIN, MPN, brand] errors.

8. Once the attributes are completed, the system will automatically check again, and if no issue is found, the status of the Product precheck will change to Passed. Now you can proceed to the next steps of the shopping Ads.

By using the product precheck feature in GMC, merchants can identify and resolve any issues with their product data before submitting it to Google for review. This can help prevent potential disapprovals or suspensions of products and ensure that the products are eligible to appear in Google Shopping results.

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