How do I set up Google Ads Conversion Tracking?

1.Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > Marketing > Google > Function > Conversionmceclip0.png

2. Link an existing Google Ads account and click Confirm to bind account.mceclip1.png

3. Check the critical conversion events that you want to track and click Create a conversion action.mceclip2.png

4. Go to Google Ads, click in the upper-right corner: Tools and Settings > Measure > Conversion, you can see the conversion tracking.

📘 Note:

Google Ads conversion tracking vs. GA global site tracking:

  • Google Ads conversion tracking is more targeted; it’s a tracking code designed to measure whether an Ad is reaching a specific goal. It has more accurate attribution and timely reporting, while GA is more focused on awebsite’s overall status.
  • The conversion tracking created in Google Ads is a separate event tracking. To compensate for global tracking incompleteness, users can set up a series of events as needed and use them as conversion events. You can track customized events as well as your website’s overall status.
  • SHOPLAZZA’s Google Ads conversion tracking tool dramatically simplifies a tedious process, improves efficiency, and provides ease of use. You can create a Google Ads conversion tracking code with one click and select any critical events you want to track. You don’t need to insert tracking codes generated by Google Ads.
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