Facebook Ad Account Registration Guidelines

1.Fill in the "Contact Us" page, you also need to have an email address or other valid contact information.

2.Fill in the "Privacy Policy" page.

3.If the product is not as shown, or the product description is not accurate, the advertiser should provide relevant details, such as a clear size reference sheet and product photos.

4.Customer feedback on products and services need to be clear and authentic.

5.Clear shipping policy with detailed shipping information should be provided.

6.Provide and adhere to a clear return, out of stock and cost of return policy.

7.Visitors should not have to log into your website (e.g.delete requirements to submit emails).

8.Improve after-sales service and contact information (Return Policy, About Us, Privacy Policy).

9.Product information needs to be clearly listed.

10.The "About Us" section must be identical to the translation of your company's business license.

11.Avoid inoperable functions or misleading buttons (e.g. invalid FB icon, Chat Tool).

12.Do not sell imitation goods.

13.One Facebook Ad account cannot be linked to multiple FB pages that are identical.

14.Inoperable website. Shopping cart should work and product albums should not be blank.

15.Fraudulent ads. A price of $0.00 would be considered fraudulent. If there are free products, please mark them as gifts or special campaign items.

16.Excessive discounts. A website usually has a few discounted products and, ideally, the discount rate should not be more than 30%.

17.Please do not have campaigns that involve countdowns, 100% OFF, Black Friday, and other similar themes.

18.Facebook store pages should contain more than 10 items, or it may be rejected.

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