How Do I Set Up Custom Code?

1.Start here: SHOPLAZZA admin > App store > Store design > Custom code


2.Click “Add new” to add new code. Pick a name for the code for easier management, paste the code you want to be embedded. You can also set up the user end, pages, and location for the code.

  • Special pages include Homepage, Collections, Products, Search result page, 404 page. The homepage is selected by default.
  • If you choose the top of the page, the code will load before the content is loaded. If you choose the bottom of the page, the code will load after the content is loaded. To ensure the new code does not affect content loading, we recommend placing the new code at the bottom of the page.


3.You can quickly edit and delete selections in the list after you finish setting up.


4.After the code is embedded, you can head over to the user end to check whether the embedded code is displaying correctly. Merchants should note that these settings will cover the original code if the custom code is restricted in any way.

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