How Do I Set Up Amazon Coupon Codes?

1.Start hete: SHOPLAZZA admin > Apps> Visit App Store>Marketing >Other > Amazon Coupon Code.



2.Set up the application settings and view the collected data.

Application method:

  • Only jump to: redirect to Amazon only, no coupon code collection.
  • Coupon code send mode: collect coupon code before redirecting to Amazon.

Application style:

  • Same entrance for linking to or collecting: collect coupon code while redirecting to Amazon.
  • Separate entrance for linking to or collecting: collect coupon code on product page and redirect to Amazon.


3.Import Amazon coupon code at the “Amazon coupon” section.

4.Click to download the coupon template to your system. Fill in the file, then upload the file to bulk import the coupon code.


5.You can also add a new coupon manually. Click Add New Coupon

6.Select the product at the product center for code settings.

  • After the product is set up with the coupon code and the redirect link, the product page will display an access point for the coupon code and the redirect link.
  • Set up coupon code: select products for which you want to set up a coupon code. Select multiple products for bulk coupon setting.


7.Select the coupon code.

8.Set up the redirect link.


9.You can view the coupon code you have set up for the product.


10.You can change the display order of the codes. The first code will be displayed when the validity period begins. The second code will be displayed after the first code.


11.Customer center: you can check the information of customers who have received the coupon code. Send recovery emails to customers who have received the coupon code but have not yet used it (you can send emails in bulk).


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