Import reviews in bulk

You can import reviews on your product with a well-prepared and validated XLSX file. You can easily and quickly import multiple product reviews along with related data such as ratings, review titles, description, status, name and likes. Importing in bulk helps improve efficiency by saving time importing each review manually.


1. From your Shoplazza admin > Products > Reviews >  click on the Import button on the top right of your window.


2. Here you will be presented a window that will allow you to upload your file. If this is your first time, download the sample review template and follow the instructions within that file.


3. Fill out the form as required.



It's recommended to use Google Sheets to edit the file. When you're done editing, save it as an XLSX file format.

  • The table below describes the headers of the spreadsheet (the top row) and types of information that belong in each column:


Identifies a product. This value cannot be empty. Go to the Shoplazza Admin > Products > allproducts and then click on the product details page to copy ID from basic information


The score of a review cannot be empty. The value can be from 0.5 - 5, which corresponds to 0.5 star - 5 star respectively; where 0.5 is the lowest and 5 is the highest value for star.


Link to an image, you may leave it empty. First, upload the review picture to the material library on Shoplazza, and then copy the generated link; if there are multiple image links, separate them with a semicolon ";" in the middle.


Review content or comment, cannot be left empty


Reviewer name, cannot be left empty


The number of likes for this review, cannot be left empty


Time of review. The value should be in the YYY/MM/DD format,and cannot be left empty. Future dates are not supported

4. After filling out the required information, click Select file to upload it.


5. Click Start importing when the file is uploaded.


6. After the import process is complete, the number of completed and failed imports is available as feedback. Click to download the list of failures and causes.


7. You can check the error message column in the downloaded file to see the reasons for import failure.



  • Fill in the information to a file according to the specifications. Only xls and xlsx file formats are supported.
  • File size cannot exceed 10 MB.
  • Optional overwrite duplicated reviews: If the product ID (product_id), reviewer’s name (name), and review content (body) are all the same, the system will consider the review as repetition and overwrite them accordingly.
  • Make sure you remove the example product from the template file to avoid errors.
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