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Customizable notification templates are available for various stages of the order process, such as order placement, fulfillment, and shipping. You have the flexibility to tailor these default templates to fit your specific business needs. This article outlines the basic steps for configuring email templates in the admin panel, ensuring seamless communication with customers at each stage of their purchasing experience.


Please refer to HTML templates to create your own email body in HTML format.

Choosing templates

1. Head over to your Shoplazza admin > Customers > Customers notifications.

2. Go to the template you want to adjust. Hover your mouse cursor over to trigger extra options.

3. Move your mouse cursor to the default template and click Customize. You can also create a new template by clicking the New template.

Editing templates

1. Name your custom template and use the resource editor to add a logo for your store.

2. The Store name in your email matches the name displayed to the right of your store logo.

3. To use your own photos, click the Trash can icon to remove the default Shoplazza background image.

4. Click on the resource editor to upload your background image from your desktop.

5. Edit the default order confirmation text in the Subject line as desired.

6. The email body section allows you to customize the small text area in your templates. You also have the option to include attributes for a personalized coded message. Here's a chart showing variables you can use:

Variables Example
{} Hi {}, thank you for placing an order!
{order.placed_at} Your order has been placed on {order.placed_at}
{order.customer.last_name} Hello Mr. {order.customer.last_name}, your order has been placed!
{order.created_at} Congratulations on your order created on {order.created_at}
{order.order_no} Here is your order number:{order.order_no}
Calculated fields: Order placement time Your order will be shipped on {{ order.placed_at | add_date: '+3d' }}
Calculated fields: Order creation time Your order will be canceled on {{ order.created_at | add_date: '+3d' }}, please proceed to complete your order.

7. Customize the button text to display detailed information about your customer's orders.

8. Select color squares to personalize your button design.

9. Use the field below to create a link for customers to view their orders.

10. Check the box to display SKU numbers.


SKU stands for stock keeping units and is a number that retailers use to differentiate products and keep track of inventory.

By following the above steps, you can easily set up your email templates. This process not only streamlines your communication but also ensures a professional and consistent image in your correspondences. Start today and experience the benefits of a well-organized email system.

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