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Your store has a variety of notification templates in different categories. These notifications are sent out when an order is placed, an order has been fulfilled, or when a package has been shipped from your store. You can manage these default templates Shoplazza offers to fit your own business.

Please refer to HTML templates to create your own email body in HTML format.

Choosing a default template

1. From your Shoplazza Admin, go to Settings > Customers > Notifications.

2. Here, we will demonstrate how you can manage the default order confirmation template. Hover your mouse cursor over to a default template you wish to customize and click Template management.

3. Move your mouse cursor to the default template and click Customize. Here, you are also offered the option to add a New template of your choice by clicking the button on the top right.

Editing templates


1. Here you can create a name for this customized template and click the resource editor to upload an image as logo for your store.

2. The Store name in email corresponds to the name section to the right of your store logo.


1. Click the trash bin icon to delete the deafault Shoplazza background image if you wish to use your own photos.

2. Click on the resource editor to upload your background image from local files.

Text body

1. In Subject line, you can edit the default order confirmation message in bold.

2. The email body section is where you can manage the short text area in your templates. You are also given the option to add attributes to create your own coded message. Below is a chart highlighting variables you can include:

Variables Example
{} Hi {}, thank you for placing an order!
{order.placed_at} Your order has been placed on {order.placed_at}
{order.customer.last_name} Hello Mr. {order.customer.last_name}, your order has been placed!
{order.created_at} Congratulations on your order created on {order.created_at}
{order.order_no} Here is your order number:{order.order_no}
Calculated fields: Order placement time Your order will be shipped on {{ order.placed_at | add_date: '+3d' }}
Calculated fields: Order creation time Your order will be canceled on {{ order.created_at | add_date: '+3d' }}, please proceed to complete your order.

3. In Button text, you can manage the text displayed for more details of your customer's orders.

4. Click the color swatches to customize the layout of your button.

5. In the below field, you can manage the link to redirect customers to view their orders.

6. Check the box to display SKU numbers.


SKU stands for stock keeping units and is a number that retailers use to differentiate products and keep track of inventory.

Now you know how to manage the default templates in Shoplazza and customize them to fit your own needs. A customized email template makes your brand more professional, adding your own templates also creates more opportunities to convert sales.

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