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Managing customer information effectively is fundamental to improving sales and customer service within your business. Gaining insights by analyzing your customer base can be incredibly informative. Our easy-to-use tool streamlines the process of accessing and importing customer information. This guide details the steps for importing customer data into your Shoplazza admin.


1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Customers > Customer management, click on Import.

2. Click on sample customer template to download the XLSX file. Follow the guideline in the sample and complete it as needed.

3. Below is a table outlining variables contained in the customer information file:

ID This column identifies customer profiles.Please note: Each customer is associated with a unique serial number ID such as ec5fff6a-03ac-4280-baac-b5608cff372b.Please note: Information in this column should not be altered at all times. Shoplazza will automatically fill in this information for you once you have completed other columns adding new customer profiles.
Main contact information This column identifies customers' main form of contact.Below are two numbers you may type in this column:Type in "1" and continue to the next column with customer's email address.Type in "2" and continue to the next column with customer's phone number.
Email Customer's email address.
First name Personal name that comes before last name.
Last name Personal name that indicates the family.
Subscribed Type in "Y" for true and "N" for false.
Country/Region Name of the country or region your customers are from.
Country code Country codes are short alphabetic codes developed to represent countries. For example: "US" for United States.
Tags Use Tags to leave additional remarks. For example, label customers that generate the most value for your business.
created at This column identifies the initial time when an item was purchased from this email or phone number.
Registered This column identifies whether or not this is a registered customer.
Registered at This column identifies the time of registration.
Finished order count This column identifies the number of completed orders from an email or phone number.
Finished order total This column identifies the total amount of completed orders from an email or phone number. The default currency in this column is USD.

4. Select Overwrite duplicated customer profiles if you want to update and replace existing customer profiles with the same information.

5. Once you complete to file, click Select file to upload.

6. Once uploaded, click Start importing.

7. Here you can view your importing results to decide follow-up operation.

By following the above steps, you can easily import your customer information in the Shoplazza admin. This will enable you to streamline your customer management processes, personalize your marketing efforts, and enhance your overall business performance.

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