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Shoplazza Partner earnings

As a Shoplazza Partner, you earn money based on your contribution to the Shoplazza ecosystem (your activities) and the Partner program that you join. Your earnings might vary based on your location and the location of the merchants you work with. Your earnings might be subject to taxes depending on your location and applicable tax regulations.

The information below provides you an overview of our partners program and each partner shall enter a separate Partner Revenue Share Agreement with Shoplazza that governs the payout conditions and terms based on your activities.

To learn more about the Shoplazza Partners, see the following resources:

Taxes on earnings

In some cases, Shoplazza charges you taxes on its fees or pays out taxes on your referral commissions. These taxes vary based on your location, the type of Partner activity, and the tax information you provide in your Partner account settings.

All taxes charged or paid to you by Shoplazza are recorded in an invoice.

Taxes charged on Shoplazza fees

In some cases, Shoplazza charges taxes on its commission fee and other applicable fees for app, theme, or service sales on the Shoplazza platform. Any applicable taxes are deducted from your payout and reflected on your Shoplazza fees invoice.

Taxes are charged on Shoplazza fees in the following cases:


If your Partner account contact information lists an address in Canada, then Shoplazza charges you taxes on Shoplazza fees. Shoplazza charges the applicable sales tax for your province or territory.

The United States

If your Partner account contact information lists an address in the United States, and your address is in a state that charges sales tax on services performed by billing agents, then Shoplazza charges you taxes on Shoplazza fees. Shoplazza charges the applicable sales tax for your state.

Taxes paid out on referral commissions

If you provide a Canadian business account number (BN) in your Partner account tax information, then Shoplazza adds an additional 13% Ontario HST to your referral commission payout. This tax is added to your payout and reflected on your referral commission invoice. You're responsible for remitting these taxes to the appropriate government authority.


Term Definition
Active Shoplazza Partner

As a Shoplazza Partner, you can earn recurring commission payments for referrals. To continue receiving recurring commission payments for these previous referrals, you must complete certain activities once every 12 months. Such certain activities are defined in Partner Revenue Share Agreement and may change depends on the type of partners you are and activities you engage with Merchants.

Affiliate referral

Once you're approved to join the Shoplazza Affiliate Program, a unique reference link could be generated from your account dashboard. When a merchant signs up for Shoplazza using your affiliate link, you receive a commission for the referral. The commission is issued after the merchant pays their monthly subscription fee and the payout conditions are set up in the Partner Revenue Share agreement

Referral commission

The commission Shoplazza pays you for referral activities, including affiliate referrals, service partners activities. All referral commissions are recorded in a referral commission invoice.

Shoplazza fees

Commission fees that represent Shoplazza's share of app, theme, or service sales. All Shoplazza fees are governed by the Partner Revenue Share Agreement.

Store upgrades

Store upgrades occur when a current Shoplazza merchant upgrades to a store plan with a higher subscription fee. The upgrade can be completed by the Partner that originally referred the merchant, a Partner that did not previously refer to the merchant, or Shoplazza's sales team. Only a Partner who originally referred the merchant and the merchant upgrades within the immediate 12 month upon referral will receive a commission based on the upgraded plan.

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