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The Product Option app provides a powerful feature to meet the diverse needs and personalization preferences of your customers through conditional settings. These settings allow for the selective display of customization options based on specific criteria or choices made by the customer, such as selecting a particular variant of a product. This guide simplifies the process of setting up these conditional settings, greatly enhancing the customization capabilities of your Shoplazza store.


  • Supported Themes: Ensure your store theme is among those compatible with the app, including Lifestyle, Nova2023, Hero, Eva, Flash, Geek, Impress, and Wind.
  • Quick Add-to-Cart Module: Currently, the Product Option app does not support the Quick Add-to-Cart module, which might impact the checkout experience for customers who value speed and convenience.

Accessing the Product Option app

  • Access the app: Navigate to the Apps section in your Shoplazza admin, find the Product Options app among your installed apps, and open it.

Selecting products for customization

1. Choose your canvas: Selecting the right products for customization is essential. This step involves choosing products that will benefit from added customization options. For detailed guidance on adding or selecting product attributes for customization, consult the dedicated guide titled Product option | Setting Customized Product Attributes.

Configuring conditional settings

1. Set up conditional attributes: In the custom options section, click Add Option. Choose the Swatch or Button options.

2. Configure conditional settings: Set up the display rules for fields and their options based on the matching of specific values by variants or other fields. Choose None if you do not want to apply any conditional settings.

  • Field condition: Use this to show an attribute only when another specific attribute is selected. For instance, an option could be made visible only if "Product 1" is chosen by the customer.

  • Variant: This makes an attribute visible only for certain variants of the main product. This is particularly useful for products with multiple variations, like sizes or colors.

3. Finalize changes: After setting up your conditions, click Save to activate them.

Displaying the effect on the storefront

For demonstration purposes, we've configured the settings so that the color options are only visible when the 'Small' size is selected by a customer. As the customer chooses the 'Small' size option, the color swatches appear below it, offering color selections of 'White,' 'Black,' and 'Blue.' However, when any other size option is selected, such as 'Medium,' 'Large,' or 'Extra-Large,' the color options are hidden and do not appear. This conditional functionality allows for a cleaner and more tailored shopping experience, ensuring customers see only the relevant options based on their previous selections.

By following the steps outlined above, you can effectively utilize conditional settings in the Product option app offering a more tailored and dynamic shopping experience for your customers. This advanced feature not only caters to the personalization demands of your clientele but also enhances the overall usability and efficiency of your Shoplazza store's product customization options.

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