Integrating Whatsapp with SaleSmartly

Enhancing customer engagement and addressing abandoned shopping carts is simpler with WhatsApp’s integration into SalesSmartly. This popular platform extends beyond messaging to offer significant business utilities. By linking it with SalesSmartly, available on the Shoplazza App Store, you're set to improve customer communication and service. Let's explore how you can seamlessly integrate WhatsApp with SalesSmartly.

Understanding account differences

  • It's beneficial to first understand the three types of WhatsApp accounts  : personal, business, and business API. Each type is equipped with unique features, catering to varying business requirements.

Setting up your WhatsApp number

To get started, follow these steps:

1. Open a WhatsApp account  

2. Set up your WhatsApp number  

Configuring WhatsApp API

There are two primary methods for API configuration:

1. API Configuration via Facebook

2. The primary methods for API configuration:

Additional Resources

For further assistance, the SalesSmartly help center is a valuable resource. It offers comprehensive information to maximize the benefits of your WhatsApp integration.




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