How to integrate WhatsApp with SaleSmartly?

If you're looking to tackle the nagging issue of abandoned shopping carts, WhatsApp offers a seamless solution. This is not only a communication platform; it's a business tool that's particularly popular in the Middle East. Now, it integrates smoothly with SaleSmartly, available on the Shoplazza App Store. You have the option to connect via personal, business, or business API accounts, giving you the freedom to tailor the experience to your specific needs.

Understanding account differences

First off, it's helpful to know the distinctions between the three types of WhatsApp accounts  : personal, business, and business API. Each comes with its own set of features tailored to different business needs.

Setting up your WhatsApp number

1. Open a WhatsApp account  

2. Set up your WhatsApp number  

Configuring WhatsApp API

There are two main routes for this:

1. API Configuration via Facebook

2. API configuration via agent

Additional Resources

If you need more guidance, feel free to check out the SalesSmartly help center  . It's stocked with useful information to help you get the most out of your integration.

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