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The Hide Product feature offers a flexible way to manage your product listings on Shoplazza. With this feature, you can keep certain products hidden from the public view, while still giving selected customers the option to purchase them via direct links. This is an excellent tool for tailoring sales promotions, controlling inventory, and customizing your sales approach.

Setting up the Hide Product feature

1. From your Shoplazza Admin > Apps, click on Visit App Store.

2. Search for Hide Product, add it to your store and install it.

3. You can find product by name, sku, tags, or collections.

4. Use the button Whether to hide to hide to hide single or multiple products:

  • Hide a single product by enabling the whether to hide option

  • Bulk edit multiple products, giving you the option to hide or unhide them as needed


Utilizing the Hide Product feature can also positively influence your store's search engine rankings. By displaying only in-stock and high-value items, you improve user experience, which search engines take into consideration for rankings.

5. Use the Link icon button to share the link directly with your preferred customers.


if a hidden product is taken down, your storefront will display a 404 error page.

This help article explains that hiding certain products can improve your store's SEO. When you only display in-stock and high-value items, it enhances the user experience, a factor that search engines consider for rankings. Plus, managing your visible inventory lets you focus on targeted keywords and better meet customer needs, helping to improve your store's position in search engine results.

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