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The homepage is often the first touchpoint for your customers, making it a prime location to showcase your best products. By using the Intelligent Product Recommendation app on your homepage, you can highlight items that are likely to catch the eye of your visitors. Configuring relevant recommendation rules ensures that products are precisely exposed, encouraging clicks and potential purchases right from the start.

Installation and setup

1. Install the app: Navigate to your Shoplazza admin > Apps > Visit App Store, search for Intelligent product recommendation and add it to your store.

Setting up a new activity for your homepage

1. Access the Home page section: In the Intelligent product recommendation app, go to the Home Page section, then select New activity to begin customizing your settings.

2. Begin with Basic Information: Assign a name to your new activity in the Basic Information section to easily track its performance.

3. Choose the type of recommendations:

  • User Personalized Recommendation: Analyzes shopping behavior to suggest products that have a higher likelihood of conversion based on the user's interests in the store.
  • Best Seller Recommendation: Displays products based on their sales volume, highlighting top-performing items.
  • Album Product Order Recommendation: Arranges product exposure in the sequence of an album collection.
  • Manual Recommendations: If you prefer to have control over the suggestions, select the Manual Top Recommendation option.

4. Select Products for Recommendation: Choose to apply the activity to All Products or Specify Non-Applicable Product/Collection based on your strategy.

5. Designing the Recommendation Card:

  • Recommended module card section: In the Activity settings section, set a compelling card title that grabs attention, such as “You may also like these!”, and choose how many items to showcase, with a maximum of 100 items to avoid overwhelming your customers.

  • Product layout section: Select an image size that complements your product presentation, like a square (1:1) ratio for a uniform look. For the quick buy button, opt for a pre-set text like “Quick Shop” or customize it with your own text, ensuring it is action-oriented and clear, for instance, “Buy It Now”. Personalize the button’s text color and background to align with your store’s design, enhancing the visual harmony and customer experience.

6. Organizing Activity Cards: Once your settings are saved, arrange the order in which the activity cards appear. For stores with multiple activities, use the Set the Event Display Sequence feature to prioritize them:

  • Remember, only the top ten ongoing activity cards are visible on a product detail page.
  • Utilize the pin icon to feature an activity or drag and drop to reorder them.

7. Enhancing Page Presentation: Click on Decoration Activity Card to further tailor the page layout where the recommendation card will be showcased.

8. Integrate into homepage: After being navigated to the theme editor, in the main Home page, click Add section and select Smart Recommendation app. This action will integrate the activity cards into your page seamlessly.

Viewing data activity

1. View all data: Navigate to your Shoplazza admin > Apps > Intelligent product recommendation > Home > View details and click View all data.

2. Data overview: Gain a detailed understanding of your activity performance through various data points.

  • Time range: View the performance for a specific period of time.
  • Trend chart: Click on a certain item including Net sales, Order volume, Exposure times, Add-to-cart quality or Conversion rate to view the visual trend.
  • Activity performance: Click on View details to see the performance of each activity.

  • Comparison between time periods: You can select two certain time periods to compare the performance.
    • Item cards: You can view the Net sales, Order volume, Exposure times, Add-to-cart quality and Conversion rate brought by the activity.
    • Visual data: Click the line chart and bar chart icons on the top right corner to switch to corresponding chart.

By following these steps, you can successfully set up and manage intelligent product recommendations on your Shoplazza homepage. This will create a dynamic and engaging first impression, driving customer interest and boosting your overall store performance.

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