How do I resolve my GMC account suspension due to inaccuracies?

When your Google Merchant Center (GMC) account gets suspended for Misrepresentation  , you'll need to take corrective actions to reinstate your account. Google prioritizes user experience and platform integrity, and adhering to its guidelines is key in reinstating your account. This article provides guidance for common corrective measures on misrepresentation issue, aiming to help you optimize your business and restore your GMC account.


Adhering to Google's Review Logic:

  • Verify the authenticity and consistency of your website's information, particularly policies and product details.
  • Align the information from your GMC registration with the current content on your website.
  • Identify and correct any content or actions that could negatively impact consumer experience or rights.

Contact Information

Having accessible and transparent contact information significantly enhances your company's credibility. Offer various contact methods to meet customer preferences and demonstrate legitimacy to Google:

  • A physical business address (matching Google Map search).
  • A phone number (including an international prefix).
  • An email address.

Shipping Policy

A clear, comprehensive shipping policy is essential for customer satisfaction and adherence to Google's standards. Enhance your shipping policy by:

  • Detailing dispatch timeframes, specifying whether they are business or calendar days.
  • Listing estimated shipping times and postage fees for different areas.
  • Outlining terms for free shipping, such as minimum purchase requirements or regions covered.
  • Describing various delivery options, including pricing, policies, and timeframes.
  • Clarifying who is responsible for customs duties, if applicable.

Return and Exchange Policy

An easily understandable and detailed return and refund policy is important. Ensure these policies are clear and precise, and clarify who bears associated costs. Improve your policy by:

  • Specifying customer responsibilities for return handling fees or postage costs.
  • Clearly stating if you do not offer refund or exchange services.
  • Detailing the process for returns and refunds, including applicable situations, return windows, and refund processing times.

Privacy Policy

A precise and legally compliant privacy policy is vital for building trust with customers and adhering to Google's rules. Enhance your policy by:

  • Ensuring compliance with the legal norms of your target market countries.
  • Providing accurate and consistent contact information across your webpages.

Payment Methods

Clear and consistent presentation of your payment methods can improve user trust and experience. To optimize this:

  • Ensure the payment method logos on your homepage match those accepted on your site.
  • Clearly describe each accepted payment method and its procedures.

Avoiding Inaccurate Promotions

Maintaining promotional integrity and complying with Google's policies involves:

  • Avoiding the sale of imitation products.
  • Selling branded products only with necessary reselling permits.
  • Managing 'sale' tags and ensuring consistency in shipping policies and discount codes.
  • Being cautious of potential copyright issues with images, such as unauthorized use or displaying recognizable faces without permission.

Moderating Promotional Language:

Using moderate language and avoiding obstructive methods is important for maintaining a transparent user interface:

  • Avoid pop-ups or floating windows that block website content or collect user data without consent.
  • Refrain from using exaggerated language that could be perceived as misleading advertising.

Please note that the chances to appeal a GMC account suspension are limited. It's important to thoroughly prepare and implement changes before submitting an appeal. If these steps don't lead to successful reinstatement, consider seeking professional help from Google Merchant Center   by contacting them. Remember, maintaining honest and respectful communication with your users is essential in effectively addressing inaccuracies.

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