How do I use the appeal letter template for inaccuracies for my suspended Google Merchant Center account?

Addressing a suspension of your Google Merchant Center (GMC) account due to inaccuracies requires a well-crafted appeal letter. This guide offers a template that can be adapted to fit your situation, helping you effectively communicate with Google about the corrective actions you've taken. When additional documentation is necessary, consider using Google Docs with appropriate access settings. Google generally responds to appeals within five working days, but it may take longer in some cases. Patience is important during this process, and it's essential to make all necessary corrections based on Google's feedback before submitting your appeal.

Appeal Letter Template

Dear Google Merchant Center Team,

My name is [insert your name here], and I am the representative for [insert your company name here]. Our account has been suspended due to certain inaccuracies, and I am writing to detail the actions we have undertaken to address and rectify these issues. The following sections provide an in-depth view of our company, our operations, and the comprehensive steps we've implemented to comply with Google's policies.

I. About Our Company

  • Website & Account Details:
    • Website: [insert website URL here]
    • Merchant Center ID: [insert Merchant Center ID here]
    • Our Ads ID: [insert Ads ID here]
  • Company Background:
    • About Us: [insert brief company description here]
    • Business License: [insert Confidential + Proprietary number here]

II. About Our Business

  • Amazon Store:
    • Store Link: [insert Amazon store link here]
    • Consistency in operations across GMC and Amazon Seller Central
    • Product Listing: [insert link to product listing here]
  • Facebook Page:
    • Facebook Rating Link: [insert Facebook rating link here]
    • Facebook Rating Screenshot: [insert screenshot here]
  • Alibaba/Tmall/Taobao Store:
    • Store Link: [insert store link here]
    • Product Listing: [insert link to product listing here]
    • Store Profile: [insert store profile link here]
  • Offline Store:
    • Store Photo: [insert store photo here]
    • Product Photo: [insert product photo here]

III. Infrastructure

  • Warehouse Collaboration: We partner with [insert warehouse company name here], featuring overseas warehouses in [insert countries/regions here].
  • Factory: Our in-house factory is located at [insert factory address here], equipped with modern machinery and skilled technicians.

IV. News & Recognitions

  • Financing news: [insert news link or details here]
  • Business news: [insert news link or details here]
  • Awards: [insert awards information here]
  • Position & Contribution: [insert details about your role and contributions here]
  • Others: (Confidential + Proprietary)

V. Implemented Changes

  • [List the changes you have implemented in response to the suspension here]

We value our partnership with Google immensely and are dedicated to adhering to Google's policies in our account operations. We kindly request your review of our appeal and consideration for reinstating our account. We are open to any further actions that may assist in expediting this process.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

[insert your name here]


This template is provided as a reference to help you get started with your own appeal letter. The information you include should accurately reflect your unique situation and strategies. Each appeal case with Google Merchant Center is different, hence, it is critical to tailor this template to your specific needs. OpenAI and the creators of this template bear no responsibility for the outcome of your appeal process or any actions taken based on this template.

This template aims to assist you in preparing your GMC appeal letter. Thoughtfully adapt it to address the specific inaccuracies and the corrective steps you've undertaken. The goal is to demonstrate your commitment to Google's partnership and adherence to their policies. An effectively structured appeal letter not only improves the likelihood of reinstating your account but also strengthens your business relationship with Google. Focus on providing value to your customers through Google's platform.

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