Setting up Cart countdown

Incorporating a Cart countdown feature through the Booster & Store Conversion app is a straightforward way to add some urgency to the shopping cart page. This element can prompt customers to finalize their purchases, which could improve your conversion rates and minimize cart abandonment.


  • If your theme already features a cart countdown, it's best to avoid running two at once.
  • Themes like lifestyle, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Brooklyn aren't compatible with this plugin.

Installing the Booster Store Conversion app

Navigate to your Shoplazza Admin > Apps > App Store, search for the Booster Store Conversion app, add it to your store and install.

Configuring Cart countdown

1. In the Booster & Store Conversion app, click on Cart countdown.

2. Here, you have the option to:

    • Enable or disable the Countdown switch
    • Customize the countdown duration (from 1 to 60 minutes)
    • Choose whether to restart the countdown immediately after it ends or 12 hours after it ends.

3. The right-hand side of the screen allows you to preview the countdown bar.

  • Switch between mobile and desktop views by clicking on the phone or computer icons.

  • The section known as Countdown messaging settings is divided into two important subsections. The first one sets the message that shoppers will see while the timer is actively running, and it goes by the same name, Active countdown message. The second subsection, called Post-countdown message, defines the message that will appear once the countdown has finished.

4. You have two types of copywriting options to choose from: Countdown message settings and Targeted cart discount text. When products in the cart are part of specific promotional campaigns, the system defaults to showing the Targeted cart discount text.

    • Countdown messaging settings

      Countdown messaging settings are straightforward here. "Titles" are mandatory, while "Subtitles" are optional.

    • Targeted cart discount copywriting
        • Targeting criteria
          • Cart discount amount: This text will appear to shoppers when the total discount value in the cart exceeds a predefined amount.

      • Cart discount ratio: If the discount rate on items in the cart surpasses a specific percentage, this customized text takes center stage.

      • Text details
        • The settings of the text in this section are very similar to those of Universal countdown copywriting.
        • You can include a dynamic {discount} variable in the title, which will automatically display the discount amount applied to items in the cart.


  • The value set in the Targeting criteria section is not the actual discount of the products in the cart. The actual discount will depend on the promotional campaign the products participate in.
  • If your cart contains items that are part of both bundle sales and other types of campaigns, it's advised to disable the Targeted cart discount text feature.

5. Click Save when you've adjusted your configurations.

6. Next, click Go to Configuration, which you'll find under the Countdown switch settings. This will navigate you to the theme editor where you can add your newly configured countdown bar.

7. Click Add section on the sidebar and scroll down to find Cart Countdown under APPS

8. Hover over the drop icon next to a section to reorganize the page. Then, click Save draft or directly Publish the theme to complete the process.

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