How do I understand and prevent suspension of my GMC account?

Navigating the complexities of your Google Merchant Center (GMC) account is essential for uninterrupted business operations. This guide provides key information on how to monitor your account status and prevent suspensions

How do I check the current status of my GMC account?

To monitor your GMC account, go to Shoplazza Admin > Google > Function tab > Campaign Creation section > Shopping Campaign. Your current account status will be displayed in the top right corner.

How do I identify causes for suspension of my GMC account?

1. Common reasons for the suspension of a GMC account are two-fold: first, a violation of the Shopping Ads Policy, and second, irregularities with product data quality.

  • If the account suspension is due to these reasons, carefully review and ensure your website complies with Google Shopping Ads Policies   which covers the following four areas:
  • In case product data irregularities lead to account suspension, go to Google Merchant Center > Products > Diagnostics > Account Issues. Inspect yellow/red triangular tips in the GMC, recommended for prompt/immediate handling. Handle Yellow tips promptly, but Red tips are more critical and require immediate modification.
  • Product data quality irregularities can be checked in Product data specification  .

2. Other Causes for Suspension of GMC Account

Contact Information issues. Google uses both automated and human review to verify the advertiser's actual address, including but not limited to Google Map and search engine information.

  • Contact information: At least two out of Phone / Email / Address must be listed, and they must be authentic and valid.
  • Domestic address display: If your company doesn't have a registered entity overseas, display a China address on your website that aligns with the business license. Note, the address cannot be a warehouse address overseas; it must be a real, verifiable office address.
  • Overseas address inquiry: If asked by third-party companies, such as credit card payment providers, to add specific overseas addresses to your website, consult Google's marketing strategy experts first.
  • Phone number requirements: Ensure your phone number includes the country/region code.
  • Information display: Avoid displaying information in image format; it should be in a text format that's easy to copy and paste.
  • Overemphasis on overseas information: Be careful of overemphasizing overseas information as it may lead to system judgments indicating a suspected attempt to hide a Chinese merchant identity.
  • Common mistake in address display: Some merchants falsely list a U.S. address in the Contact Us section in order to increase their website conversion rate. It's important to avoid this mistake.

How do I troubleshoot my GMC account?

How do I resolve login issues with my account?

  • If you encounter problems when logging into the Merchant Center account, ensure you utilize the correct email address and password. If both username and password are correct, try deleting Cookies and Cache before accessing Merchant Center again. Also, enable SSL 2.0 and Cookies, and ensure the used auto-configuration scripts or proxies haven't disabled Cookies. For more details, please visit Turn cookies on or off  .
  • If you forget your password, please follow the steps outlined in Change or reset your password  .
  • To modify your login email address, please contact Google Merchant Center Help  , as users cannot directly change their login email address.

How do I delete my Google account?

To remove your content from the Google Merchant Center, delete your products and website URLs from the "Merchant Information" page. For complete account deletion, consult Deleting your Google Account  .

Maintaining your GMC account requires adherence to Google's policies, accurate product data, and transparent contact information. Regularly checking your account and addressing issues promptly will help avoid suspensions and ensure smooth operation of your online business.

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