Guide to obtaining Amazon Pay integration information

Integrating Amazon Pay into your online store significantly enhances the checkout process, offering a familiar and secure payment method for your customers. This guide will assist you in gathering necessary integration details such as your Public Key, Secret Key, Client ID, and Merchant ID from your Amazon Seller Central account, ensuring a smooth setup.


1. Log In to Amazon Seller Central

Begin by signing in to your Amazon Seller Central   account using your credentials.

2. Access Integration Central

Once logged in, navigate to Integration Central  . This essential section is located within the Seller Central dashboard.

3. Create Keys

Inside Integration Central, select Create keys to generate the necessary public and private keys. For a more detailed walkthrough, please refer to the comprehensive guide Finding your Amazon Pay keys and IDs  .

4. Download and Copy Private Key

After key creation, a private key file (.pem) will be automatically downloaded. Open this file using a text editor, and copy all the values within it for later use.

5. View Public Key

You can also return to Integration Central to view and retrieve your public key, ensuring you have all the required information readily available.

6. Get Client ID and Merchant ID

In Integration Central, locate and take note of your Store ID (Client ID) and Merchant ID. For more detailed information, refer to the section titled Sign in with Amazon applications  .

7. Complete Setup and Launch

With all your integration information ready, follow the Amazon Pay guide to activate this payment option in your Shoplazza admin. This allows your customers to conveniently use Amazon Pay for their purchases.


If you encounter any issues or require updates during the integration process, contact Amazon Pay support at Amazon Pay Contact  .

Integrating Amazon Pay with your online store is a smart choice to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. By following these steps and obtaining your Public Key, Secret Key, Client ID, and Merchant ID, you'll be well on your way to offering Amazon Pay as a secure and trusted payment option.

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