Snapchat advertising for the Middle Eastern market

Snapchat has quickly become popular among young audiences in the Middle East. The platform's dynamic advertising options offer a straightforward way to boost various business metrics. Whether you aim to increase in-store visits, elevate brand recognition, or encourage initial and repeat purchases, Snapchat provides a solid platform designed specifically for the Middle Eastern market.

Selecting your Snapchat Ad format

Snapchat presents two primary ad categories: Content Ads and Camera Ads. Your selection will depend on your specific objectives. To help clarify, here's a quick guide:

For Visits: You could use either Camera Ads or Content Ads.

  • Under Camera Ads, AR Lens or Filters would be effective.
  • Under Content Ads, Snap Ads and Collection Ads could work.

For Awareness: Again, either Camera Ads or Content Ads are options.

  • Camera Ads could include AR Lens or Filters.
  • Content Ads might be Story Ads or Snap Ads.

For Purchase: Both Camera and Content Ads are suitable.

  • Camera Ads: AR Lens or Filters could help.
  • Content Ads: Snap Ads and Collection Ads are good choices.

For Repurchase: You can opt for either type of ad again.

  • Camera Ads: Story Ads or Snap Ads are applicable.
  • Content Ads: Snap Ads and Collection Ads would fit.

Understanding Content Ads

Content advertising includes Snap ads, Story ads, and Collection ads.

1. Snap ads appear while users are scrolling through other content. A simple swipe-up reveals more information. They're flexible and suitable for everything from building brand buzz to completing sales.

2. Story ads blend seamlessly into the user's story feed. These ads are effective for enhancing brand recognition or stimulating impulse buys.

3. Collection ads function like a mini digital storefront, featuring a main image or video and four clickable product cards. A single click unveils a full page of additional product details. This format is ideal for elevating brand awareness and closing sales.

Navigating Camera Ads

Camera Ads are divided into two types: Filters and AR Lenses.

1. Filters allow you to craft custom designs that Snapchat users can overlay on their photos and videos. It’s a way for your brand to organically become part of the conversation.

2. AR Lens step it up with interactive augmented reality features. They offer a unique, immersive experience that places your product or service front and center.

Overall, Snapchat offers a range of choices to connect with a young, digitally engaged audience in the Middle East. Choose your ad formats wisely, and prepare to see your brand gain momentum.

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