Navigating Middle Eastern Local Payments

Local payments are tailored for the unique preferences of consumers in specific regions. If you're looking to expand into the Middle East, knowing about key payment methods like Mada, STC Pay, Apple Pay in Saudi Arabia, Knet, and Onecard is important. Integrating Payssion into your online platform lets customers easily use these local payment options.


Based in Saudi Arabia, Mada is a joint effort by local financial institutions offering debit and credit card transactions. The system also has a mobile payment feature for secure, easy purchases.

STC pay

This Saudi-based digital payment app offers a range of financial services, from electronic payments to topping up mobile phone credit. Users can link their bank accounts or use prepaid cards, and the app offers handy features like invoice management.

Apple Pay in Saudi Arabia

Apple Pay has made its way into Saudi Arabia, offering a secure mobile payment option. Users simply add their card information to their Apple Pay wallet and can then make transactions via Apple devices at supporting stores.


Popular in Kuwait, Knet supports debit, credit, and prepaid cards, and uses encryption to protect user data. It's a widely accepted online payment method in the country.


Onecard offers a versatile payment solution across the Middle East. It supports a variety of options like prepaid cards, local bank transfers, and international methods such as Fawry  , UAExchange  , and UKash  . It's especially useful for those without a traditional bank account or with restricted credit card use.

To wrap up, understanding local payment methods is key for success in the Middle Eastern market. By offering these options, you're making it easier for customers to transact, which is good for business.

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