How to appeal if your GMC account is suspended

Discovering that your GMC account has been suspended can be disconcerting, but it's important to approach the situation calmly and methodically. Start by carefully reviewing your website against the guidelines provided by GMC. Ensure that you correct any discrepancies and update your site as needed. After making these changes, you're ready to initiate an appeal. In your appeal, it's important to clearly detail the modifications you've made and include a link to the updated content. You can find the option to appeal under the "Contact Us" section in the GMC admin area. For detailed guidance on this process, you're encouraged to consult the Google Merchant Center Help   resources.

It's important to note that if your GMC account is suspended, creating a new GMC account immediately is not a recommended course of action. Google may view this as an attempt to bypass policy reviews, which can lead to further complications. Addressing the root causes of the initial suspension is important before considering the creation of a new account. Not doing so is seen as a serious violation and can adversely affect any future appeal efforts.

Direction for Troubleshooting

Please refer to the information in the chart below for modifications:

Google Merchant Center Settings Product Feed Ensure there are no fixable audit-failed products (Audit failures unrelated to account suspension).
Merchant Information-Merchant Introduction Ensure merchant information configured in your GMC aligns with all the retailer information on your website.
Use an actual office address that can be found on Google Maps.
Provide a genuine contact phone number.
Customer service email should be a non-branded email address (not a gmail address).
Merchant Information-Website Use an external domain (not
Merchant Information-Brand Promotion Establish brand colors for your website/brand.
Set up a square/rectangle brand logo.
Sales Tax Make sure your taxation settings/tax types are consistent with tax explanations on your website.
Shipping and Returns GMC shipping setup should align with the official website's shipping setup.
Region GMC shipping setup should match the official website's shipping setup.
E-commerce Website Whole Website Quick website loading speed.
No linguistic and syntactic errors.
No fake reviews.
No imported reviews.
No stolen images from other websites.
No stolen product descriptions from other websites.
Website should have a number of reviews.
All plugins on the website operate functionally.
Not running dropshipping business.
Installed SSL certificate (https).
Website's language must be applicable to countries where products are marketed.
Privacy policy page clearly explains how user browsing data is used.
No exaggerated statements about brands or products.
Homepage and Brand High-quality logo (good design and not blurry).
URL and store domain must be legal.
Homepage displays brand logo.
Product Details Page No false or misleading descriptions.
Clear inventory status representation.
No copied product images from suppliers or other sellers.
No copied product descriptions from other sellers.
No sale of hazardous goods.
No sale of counterfeit or trademark-infringing products.
Accurate product condition statement (New/Used, etc.).
Original product title.
Correct product pricing.
Policy Terms Contact Information Contact information has its own page.
Business contact hours listed on the website.
Expected response time for inquiries listed on the contact page.
All contact information must align with GMC settings/Google ads settings.
Returns & Exchanges Clearly state process for refund or return applications.
Clearly outline return/refund process for different scenarios (Exchanges, changed mind, defective items, damage, wrong product, never arrived, cancel after order, etc.)
Definite timetable for each return or refund situation.
Clearly outline time required to receive a refund after a successful return.
Specify refund methods.
State return period (beyond which returns cannot be made).
Shipping & Delivery State shipping cost for each shipping zone.
Delivery timeframe to each location.
Courier/Postal services used for each delivery location (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Australia Post).
Clear package tracking information.
Process for handling lost items during shipping.
Payment Terms Checkout page should utilize SSL certificate protection.
Multiple payment options available.
Display available payment methods in website footer.
Final price doesn't have hidden costs.
All promoted discounts on the website are applicable at checkout.
Accurate discount information.
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