Adding Terms of Service to the footer of checkout page

The store's service terms define the rights and responsibilities for both you and your customers, safeguarding everyone's interests and ensuring adherence to legal regulations. We will guide you below in creating a terms of service page with customized strategies and procedures. This approach is designed to prevent potential issues with your customers, ensuring you are prepared to address any disagreements in a fair and sensible way.


1. For detailed steps to generate Terms of Service for your store, see Creating and implementing Terms of Service for your online store.

2. After generating the Terms of Service of your store, navigate to Online store > Themes and click Customize. Then, select Checkout in the dropdown at the top of the page.

3. In the Theme settings on the left, click on Footer, then click Add Menu in the dropdown.


You can add up to 5 menus.

4. Clicking on Menu will display options where you can enter the name of the link and select the corresponding page that the link will direct to in your site's footer.

5. You can choose how the footer is displayed by selecting either a vertical or horizontal style in the Menu location options.

6. Click Save draft to save any updates temporarily. If you want to instantly save the changes and make them live, simply click Publish.

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