How do I set up a contact us page in my store's footer?

Establishing a strong relationship with your customers is key to the growth of your business. A 'Contact us' page is an effective channel for customers to communicate with you, assisting in understanding their needs, promoting more transactions, and enhancing sales. Setting up this page in your online store is a straightforward process with the Form Tools app. Here's a guide to creating and integrating a 'Contact us' page into your store's footer.

Set your own Contact us page

1. From your Shoplazza admin > Apps > click on Visit App Store and search for Form tools  . Then, click Add app and install it.


To learn more about Form Tools (formerly known as "List of Tools"), visit Setting up Form tools.

2. Go to the installed App and select Create Form.

3. Choose Custom in Rule Conficuration, then click Save and copy the embed HTML code by hovering your pointer over the header title.

4. Then go to Online store > Pages and click Add page.

5. Click the "<>" button (Source code) and paste the copied embed HTML code.

6. Click OK and then Save to confirm your changes.

7. Preview your new page by clicking on View.

  • Example page below:

Adding a Contact Us page to your Footer menu

1. Following the steps above, go to Online store > Navigation to edit the Footer menu.

2. Click Add menu item on the Edit menu page.

3. Name your menu item, link it to the Custom page, and confirm your choice.

4. Add the menu item and then return to the Edit menu page to review it.

5. Click Save to complete the process.


You can click and drag the drop icon to reorganize the menu items.

Adding a Contact Us page block in your theme

1. Head over to your Shoplazza Admin > Online store > Themes and click Customize on the theme you'd like to update.

2. Click Footer > Add block on the Customize page.

3. Add either a Navigation block or a Menu link block, depending on your theme, to have it displayed in the footer.

4. Customize the content by clicking on the Navigation or Menu link header title, as per your theme's design. Click Save draft or Publish to complete the process.

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