I'm planning to open a store in Europe or the US. Will my online store load quickly? (Mainland China)

If you're in mainland China and planning to open a store in Europe or the US, here's what you need to know about your online store's loading speed:

Shoplazza stores use Amazon's Cloud Services and the servers are mainly in the Western US. You can access your store in two ways if you are based in mainland China:

1. Through the default domain: We've boosted the speed for the domain xxx.myshoplaza.com. This means if you're in China, you can quickly and reliably access this domain, as it's officially registered here.

2. Through a third-party domain: You can purchase your own domain, link it to Shoplazza, and use it to open your store. However, if you use this method with a Chinese network, you may encounter delays or issues. This could make your store load slowly or not at all. If you choose this method, it could be beneficial to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) based in the United States. But remember, the overall speed might still depend on the VPN's quality and the speed of the network in China. We can't guarantee a perfect experience. To make your store load faster, consider these tips:

  • Complete the registration of the domain name you purchased by visiting the official Chinese government website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Government Service Platform  .
  • Activate the speed-boosting feature for Chinese networks. After registration, you can ask your domain service or local CDN service provider how to activate the CDN acceleration service.
  • Please note: you'll have to do these steps yourself, and they might be a bit complex and take some time.

It's essential to note, that the speed of page loading is also dependent on the volume of content on the page. Elements such as images, videos, and plug-ins can influence the website's access speed. While high-quality images or videos can elevate the website's visual appeal, an excess of these can affect the page's loading performance. Finding a balance between the volume of content and the page's loading time is important, with the aim being to use the minimal amount of page elements to yield the best loading results.

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